about us

Before the Dakar-2009 rally Vadim Pritulyak made a sponsorship agreement with the oil company for the race. But 2 weeks before the start, company informed that the payment will be made after the race is over. Vadim decided to participate at his own expense, he made badges and "NO SPONSORS" stickers for his motorcycle.

In Buenos Aires, before the start of the rally, correspondents were photographing inscriptions and asking Vadim:
- Is this your brand?
After answering «no» several times, Vadim thought:
"Why not?"

Thus the idea of ​​creating a brand was born. With extensive experience in retail sales of sports and casual wear,in 2011 Vadim released the first collection of «NO SPONSORS» t-shirts. In 2012, NO SPONSORS brand has released a collection for a professional cycling Astana Pro Team. Olympic champion of the London Olympics stepped to the podium wearing a «NO SPONSORS» cap.